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American Metal Products comprises the following four component companies each offering air distribution products and accessories needed for all types of venting systems.

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AmeriVent offers a complete line of Type B venting products, single wall connector systems, gas vent reliner kits, standard sheet metal products, and other similar products.

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Lima Register manufactures thousands of different types and sizes of grilles, registers and diffusers and offered in both steel and aluminum. The product line includes everything from a popular small-sized home floor registers to very large supply and return diffusers used in commercial buildings.

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J&J Register manufactures an extensive line of air distribution products including grilles, registers, louvers and diffusers in various types and sizes.


Ameriflex offers residential & commercial flex duct systems designedwith advanced features for your air-handling needs.

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New! - Appion TEZ8 - 8cfm Vacuum Pump
The choice is clear - With the TEZ 8, Appion brings innovative, advanced technology to the vacuum pump. Designed from the ground up, the TEZ 8 combines performance and reliability with user friendly features to save you money.
Unlike other, oil-cooled pumps, the TEZ 8 is air-cooled by a custom high-speed turbine fan blasting cooling air over the entire assembly, eliminating the need for excessive oil capacity.

Appion G1 and G5 Information (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Appion Refrigerant Recovery Units are designed from the ground up to provide the best refrigerant recovery speeds in all conditions. Appion does this while being the smallest and lightest unit. The G5 Twin starts with an extra heavy-duty crankcase for driving twin pistons. These twin cylinders allow
for greater throughput for both liquid and vapor phase.

Just take a look at these performance comparisons. Across the board, the G5 Twin is up to 188% faster in all conditions. The G5 Twin's crankcase is completely isolated from the refrigerant flow. As a result, the main drive of the unit will last much longer too. Liquid slugging is now a thing of the
past. The G5 Twin pumps vapor or liquid refrigerant without throttling. No clog prone orifices or other liquid flashing gimmicks to cause maintenance problems down the road. Just as the V8 allows automobiles to purr along, the G5's twin cylinders even out the loads while delivering greater pumping speeds for both liquid and vapor. The case is designed for maximum durability yet with a soft gripping rubber ergonomic handle. Once you experience the greater performance of the G5 Twin, single cylinder machines will be obsolete.

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New from Armacell! - AP Coilflex Conformable Duct Liner
For factory application. Fiber-free, mold resistant.

  • Soft elastomeric foam easily conforms to fabricated corners
  • Engineered for sheet metal shops
  • Cost-effective alternative, half the hand labor (cutting)
  • Fiber free and noise reducing
  • Water-based adhesives compatible

Armacell is noted for its development of ArmaflexR which is a premier foam insulation product. Armacell has become a major supplier of closed cell engineered foams and expanded rubber products used in a wide range of applications including HVAC, construction, automotive, industrial, sports, leisure and recreation.

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Beckett, the industry leader in condensate/waste water removal, offers a complete line of condensate removal pumps for your Heating and Air conditioning needs. These quality pumps can also be used for the removal of waste water from ice makers, drinking fountains, beverage machines, dehumidifiers, water coolers, computer room A/C equipment, furnaces, refrigeration and many other applications. All units are specifically designed for high reliability plus fast and inexpensive installation.

Standard features of our automatic condensate pumps include check valves, thermal protection, and stainless steel shafts. We also offer a large selection of lifts and voltages. Some models are available with a special high temperature tank for water applications up to 190 degrees F.
A High Efficiency Furnace model with temperature rating of 120 degrees F is also available. Beckett also offers an In-Pan unit for condensate and waste water removal.


Cambridge Resources, a CFG Company with over 60 years of production and distribution excellence, offers global manufacturing and supply chain solutions across a wide range of industries. We are the preferred supplier of an expansive selection of Cable Ties, Hose Clamps, HVAC Duct Support, Wire Connectors, Security Seals, and other products to a world-class clientele of industrial and market leaders.

Our continuous commitment to quality, differentiates Cambridge Resources from its competitors. We fabricate our products to exceed both the standards established by Underwriters Laboratories and the real-world rigorous demands and expectations of our customers. To achieve such a broad compliance, Cambridge engineers the most advanced stress and wear tests, exposing each product to both actual and simulated elements to ensure success in the field.

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NEW! - Single RLFCD-RLFCC (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required) - NEW!

NEW! - Fresh Air (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required) - NEW!

Hybrid Flex Inverter System (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Hybrid Flex Inverter System - Multi (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Fujitsu Compact Cassette - View Here...

Fujitsu brand ductless air conditioners can be used to solve various application-specific problems. Businesses and institutions such as schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, commercial office buildings, strip malls, motels, restaurants, apartments and condos, computer and telephone switching rooms, and even residences commonly use these systems. With more efficient zone control, "ductless mini-splits" are perfect for renovations, restorations, conversions, and add-ons.

Installation, Service, Operation manuals, and Submittal Sheets for all ductless air conditioners are available on the Fujitsu Web Site in Adobe Acrobat portable data format (PDF).

Fujitsu Training Center Opening January of 2014

Fujitsu Warranty Claim Form (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

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Glasfloss offers filters for every application requiring medium to high efficiencies. With numerous grades to choose from, a Glasfloss filter can be selected that offers the right combination of price and performance. For example, our Z-Line Series Pleated filters offer a solution for virtually
every HVAC application and are available in standard & special sizes and from pre-filters for higher efficiency filters to primary filters for computer room units. Optional medias are available for applications requiring high efficiency performance.

All standard Z-Line Pleated Filters are now a minimum MERV-8 or higher.

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Since 1983, Great Pacific Elbow has led the HVAC industry in premier hand-made elbows and more. 
Our sheet metal fittings are consistently rated highest in craftsmenship, reliability, and durability.

Contact Great Pacific Elbow today for the very best in HVAC products.

Great Pacific Elbow offers a complete range of HVAC products, including:

• Elbows
• Ceiling Boxes
• Volume Dampers
• Tee Wye's
• Spiral Pipe
• Rectangular Duct
• Hanger Strap
• Snap Lock Pipe
• Aluminum Flex
• Conductor Pipe
• Roof Curbs
• Filter Bases

See how Zulu Mat Works

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http://www.honeywellcable.com - Mobile: http://m.honeywellcable.com

Honeywell's Genesis Cable Series provides a full range of cables for low voltage applications including thermostat control, security, fire alarm, sound, and other similar applications. Genesis Series Cable products are designed to be the highest quality and to provide the most cost-effective solutions for your cable needs. All of Genesis Cable Series products exceed the industry standards of Underwriters Laboratories, The Canadian Standards Association (where applicable) and the National Electrical Code.

The Genesis Mini-Split Cable consists of stranded bare copper THHN conductors, a Sunlight Resistance, RoHS compliant PVC jacket and is 600VDirect Burial listed by UL. The stranded conductors increase the flexibility of the cable. The jacket is printed with foot-marking so the installer can keep track of the amount of cable that is remaining on the spool.

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Founded in 1937, The RectorSeal Corporation is a leading manufacturer of chemical specialty sealants and other related products designed for professional tradesmen. These products are distributed exclusively through an extensive wholesale distribution network serving the plumbing, industrial, HVAC-Refrigeration, construction, electrical, and hardware market places.


Soler & Palau is the world's leading fan manufacturer. It celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2001. Soler & Palau is able to offer a range of ventilation products benefiting from over 50 years of experience within the industry. The company's impressive, long-term growth is the result of one simple philosophy: develop an air-moving product that effectively and efficiently meets the needs of the customer, supported by unparalleled engineering, distribution and service.

NEW! - S&P Premium Choice Series Ventilation Fans


SteelCo U.S.A. is the premier steel service center on the West Coast.

Our integrity and relationships have allowed us to establish long standing relationships with steel suppliers worldwide.

Our diverse network of steel mill partnerships enables us to offer the most competitive products to meet our customer's requirements.

System Sensor (800)736-7672 fax (630)377-6495

System Sensor, the leader in fire detection and fire safety devices, has
re-engineered the duct smoke detector. The result is the first duct smoke
detector specifically designed for HVAC applications. The Innovair Flex is
reshaping duct smoke detection.
Features include:

  • Flexible Housing Footprint
  • Square, rectangular, or anything in between.
  • Plug-in sensor offers superb flase alarm immunity and the latest sensor technology.
  • Integral Low-flow Technology.
  • 100 - 4,000 ft/min air duct velocity.
  • Broad Operating Temperature Range: -4°F to 158°F
  • No Tools Sampling Tools
  • Simple installation from the front or back of the detector.


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New! - Building & Construction HVAC Solutions Catalog
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Venture Cooler Repair Tape
Cover seams in coolers and freezers. Can be applied in cold temperatures. Mold resistant adhesive.
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Venture Tape, the HVAC Tape Specialists, offered the first UL181B-FX Code
flexible duct closure tape (Venture #1599B). Venture #1599B features
include: higher adhesion and tack than traditional cloth duct tapes,
conformable, hand tearable, long-life acrylic adhesive; superior performance
in extreme environments (from -35 degrees to 260 degrees F), 2 inch x 120
yard rolls; twice the length and half the price of cloth duct tape, single
ply construction; will not delaminate upon aging.

Build with 3M Fire Protection Products

Build with confidence.
A leader in passive fire protection, 3M provides a comprehensive line of passive fire protection products and systems with the technical service and training you need to enhance your firestopping capabilities.

Build with trust.
3M's full line of fire protection solutions includes products and systems for through penetration firestops, construction joints, grease and air duct protection and solutions for emergency circuitry. All are designed to help prevent the spread of fire, smoke and noxious gases.

Build with 3M.
3M Fire Protection Products give you the quality work you demand and the peace of mind your building occupants are counting on. When you choose 3M, you are building with a company backed by over 100 years of innovation and a brand trusted locally and globally.

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